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Meet Bart

Some people are born with a sense of purpose. Bart Moyers is a man on a mission to change lives one person at a time. Following his dreams has taken him on humanitarian adventures around the globe, including living in Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Ghana, Argentina, Mexico and across the United States. While this compassionate businessman has experienced a lot, one thing remains more certain today than ever - Bart is passionate about using his positive energy to make a difference in the world around him.

Bart MoyersDreaming Big

Growing up in a small Texan town, Bart had big dreams. He wasn't sure how or where, but he knew he was destined to make an impact. As a young boy, he was active in his church and with his school band and through these activities he realized he enjoyed contributing to his community even if it was in a small way. In college, he saw the opportunity to make a difference on a broader scope through radio and television. Bart's dreams to become a Hollywood movie director took a detour when he went on a two week conference to Chile. The country was under the rule of a dictator and he was immediately taken aback by the financial and social hardships that he encountered.

Learning from Life

Bart returned to the U.S. a changed man who was more determined than ever to be a positive force. After college, he signed up for full-time humanitarian efforts through his church. For eight years he focused his energy on getting needy children and adults medical treatment, food, shelter, and clothing throughout Latin America. He was enriched by the experiences he amassed along the way like learning how to speak Spanish and encountering people from all walks of life. H was also exposed to a variety of situations from dealing with the intricacies of planning charity events in foreign countries (as him about the bull fight), meeting with dignitaries and even traveling through uncharted jungles.

Making the Most of Life

It's no wonder that when Bart came back home to the United States he approached life with full gusto. He earned two masters degrees (education and business) and went on to become a success in the corporate world. After having lived such a full life, Bart was ready for something different. That's when he and his wife, Becky, made the decision to move back to her home state of Colorado. Embracing the opportunity to live in and around the Rocky Mountains and the Denver Metro Area, Bart and his family moved and have never looked back. He loves every aspect of life here.Bart Moyers

One Family at a Time

While Bart's job has changed, his mission remains the same - to help others. As a leading real estate professional serving the Denver Metro Area, Bart makes it his mission to help you reach your goals. To help you maximize your opportunities, he acts as a coach who will guide the way to success and give you all the information you will need to make sound decisions for your future.

Bart prides himself on being a professional in whom you and your family can depend. He's here to look out for your best interests at all times. That's why he presents you with all of your options, walks you through every step of your transaction and offers advice on how to get the most of your time and investment. If you're ready to buy or sell your home, work with a top-notch professional with the enthusiasm, drive and know-how to turn your dreams into reality - Bart Moyers is a "Man on a Mission" to help you succeed. He understands that your unique needs require extraordinary care!

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