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Bart Moyers was born with a sense of purpose to touch lives one person at a time. And fittingly, in his career as a leading real estate professional he gets to do just that. He’s quickly gained a reputation for taking on his clients' goals and turning them into reality. He treats their needs as his own and won’t stop until he achieves them.

Drawing from a successful corporate career, including being chief operations officer for a national charity, Bart combines his compassion with his business savvy to offer his clients an edge in this unique market. He will lead the way to your success and offer you all the information you need so you can make sound decisions for you and your family’s future. When you want to buy or sell in the Denver Metro Area, call Bart Moyers. He’s A Man On A Mission to get you results.


Dear Real Estate Enthusiasts:

Denver Metro average sales price went up from February to March by 3.85%. Incredible!

April is the month to sell your home if you are thinking of doing so this year.

US News and World Report says that Denver 3rd on the list of the top places to live in the US.

If you want the best heads up to what the market is doing, watch the following report by Megan Aller of Land Title Guarantee.

If you or someone you know needs to buy or sell, please pass my name along.

Have a great Spring!



 The Loan Docs

The dreaded loan docs! If you are a second time plus buyer you will remember all the paper work that was required. Sometimes, it seemed, the same paper work is asked for more than once. However, Matt Harris, at Eagle Home Mortgage, has a person who “rides” the paper work. Darlene Hammer uses an online tracker to help you know when you have scanned, uploaded and finished sending her the docs. You can see what is needed. No duplicate requests here.

On occasion I would call Matt’s office and ask them to jump online with me to answer questions I had about the docs. My technical abilities at times got challenged and someone was always happy to pick up the phone and hold may hand as I worked my way through what I call the “cyber jungle.”

Next, I will share:

The Putting Our Home On the Market

Inspection and Resolution for Our New Place

No Offers for Almost Two Weeks on Our Principal Home

Stay Tuned and Enjoy Real Estate Buying and Selling Through Our Eyes.


This month I am reminded of the ups and downs my clients suffer as they list their home and then buy another. Becky and I decided to start looking for a downtown Denver home to accommodate our desire to live in a "walkable" neighborhood. A place where we can step out of our front door and enjoy the amenities of restaurants, coffee shops, parks, museums, etc. We also wanted to be closer to our house church group whose members are mainly located in ...the downtown area. In regard to business, I felt it would be good to open up a new territory for my real estate work.
After approximately 6 months of searching for a home, using Matt Harris' the Lender Home Buyer's Scouting phone app, Becky found one in Cheesman Park. It's an 1886 Victorian home that met most of our wants and needs. The challenge of putting it under contract came next. There already was another offer submitted, but we negotiated hard and won the deal. The day we went under contract was Eclipse day. We were happy to sign via the online contract software I use while waiting for total darkness in Nebraska where our daughter lives.
On the way home, as with most buyers, it hit us - although we had sufficient means for a solid down payment and didn't have to worry about closing on our principal home first - we awoke from our stupor in shock considering the idea of paying two mortgages at once. We immediately called up our lender Matt and asked what he thought. Before the call, we were close to pulling out of the deal because of the angst this produced. Then Matt spoke to us and said, "you can do a recast" 120 days after you close on the new house.
A recast? With some loans, Matt says, you can have your lender accept an amount of money (like an inheritance or money received from a close of house) 120 days after close that will of course reduce your monthly mortgage. Becky and I both took a deep breath and said we could do this.

The following chapters will let you see how we handled:
The Loan Docs
The Putting Our Home On the Market
Inspection and Resolution for Our New Place
No Offers for Almost Two Weeks on Our Principal Home
Stay Tuned and Enjoy Real Estate Buying and Selling Through Our Eyes



“Bart was a 'friendly professional' agent to us.  He listened to our list of needs and desires.  He was very patient with us looking at so many houses for months.  When it came to making an offer, he was all business in representing us.  He championed our wishes giving us the best possible path.  And he was very much on top of the market for the latest information.  He was always informing us, educating us on all the nitty gritty details and processes of getting a house.   Yep, at the end, we got a house where we wanted and within our budget.  Thanks Bart....Oh and he also took a golf ball through his windshield for us with a smile (He would have to tell this story himself)."

Pon and Jasmine Homchanh 

Thornton, CO

"Bart Moyers is a very nice man with a servant heart and attitude.  He was more than patient with us as we searched for our new home. We changed criteria several times and he gave us all the information we requested and more.  He searched county records, HOA documents and zoning regulations allowing us to make a very informed decision on our new home.  He also helped us rent our existing home once we closed on the new one.  He was very flexible to accommodate our schedule and was a pleasure to work with.  I would recommend him to others who are searching for a real estate agent."

 Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Brandi Collins

 Thornton, CO

"You are the one realtor in the last 17 years of hopping around the country who stands up above the rest!  We have been impressed with your promptness and thoroughness in answering our questions and addressing our concerns along the entire buying/selling process.  No one before you has been as prepared and professional.  We look forward to working with you again and would be more than happy to refer you to our friends and family."  

Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Kathy Stankovic 

Thornton, CO

"My experience with real estate agents in Colorado over the course of 35 years has been extensive and not always positive. That is why I was pleasantly surprised by Bart Moyers. The service he provided went above and beyond professional...he turned what could have been a difficult situation into a stress free transaction. Bart earned my gratitude and admiration for his patient, thorough, and friendly manner of "gettin' 'er done.
I'd heartily recommend Bart Moyers to anyone seeking the best person for real estate on the Front Range!"

Mr. Terry Bannon 

Denver, CO/Aspen, CO 

"Tu paciensia, agresividad al ofrecernos tu servicio - esto fue lo que mas nos gusto. Que tambien nos ayudaste a conseguir a Matt Harris para financimiento. Everything has been great. Knowing you as a friend and helping us because you care. We never felt pushed or pressured when looking at homes."

Sr y Sra Agustin y Erika Lopez

Lakewood, CO

"Thank you for all of your help in finding the perfiect home. We couldn't be happier here! We just love our home, our neighborhood, everything. Thank you for all the time that you spent with us, and especially for your patience with our schedules and our kids. Good grief! That was an adventure. I especially appreciated the thorough questions and answers you gave us for every house we wanted to research. You were very detailed-oriented on all the offers submitted and the closing went smoothly."

Mr. and Mrs. Daren and Elke Turner

Broomfield, CO

"You always were good at getting back to me right away and were very supportive and honest. Thanks for bringing me 5 offers of which I found the most perfect and had a smooth closing. Thanks also now for helping me purchase the next home that better suits my family."

Ms. Jennifer Wickersham

Thornton, CO

"Bart took us to neighborhood listings before we listed our property and played "The Price Is Right" game. He made us guess the prices of the competitors which really helped us get a handle on the listing price we wanted. He is an excellent listener. He stays neutral on emotions. He helped us list and sell our home plus help us find the next home we wanted to buy."

Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Shelly Chamberlin

Westminster, CO

"Your pre-inspection, open houses and bringing us a buyer helped my family and I to get the job done for the best price possible."

Ms. Virginia D'Orazio, Mr. Rusty D'Orazio and Mr. Red D'Orazio

Frederick, CO

"I have worked a good number of real estate agents in my life but there has been no better  transaction experience than this one with Bart. His lender friend Matt Harris was very professional and helped us have a smooth close with our loan."

Mr. Randy Duzan and Mr and Mrs. William and Mindy Duzan

Westminster, CO

"Honestly, we cannot think of anything you could have done better! You provide stellar service. Your accessibility and thoroughness were HIGHLY impressive. You made this 10-day buying process smooth and worry free. We’re looking forward to listing our home with you soon."

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Candice Kleinbub

Arvada, CO

"On a scale of 1-10, Bart's a 10. This was our second time to work with him. In this market we knew it was going to be tough getting what we wanted for our home in Arvada. However, he listed it, marketed it, had open houses and finally sold it. He even brought the buyer. There’s not one thing he could've done better. His thoughtfulness, knowledge, ability to communicate with both us and the buyer was very helpful. We plan on doing more business with him in the future."

Mr. and Mrs. John and Judy Dorris

Commerce City, CO

"Bart was very friendly, open and easy to communicate with. He showed great flexibility in working with my random schedule and in helping on short notice. Everything has gone off without a hitch. Thanks for an easy worry-free process!"

Mr. Sean Brimhall

Thornton, CO

"What is one thing you could have done better? Really Bart? I honestly cannot think of one thing you could have done better with our home purchase. You guided us through the paperwork, helped us be attentive to deadlines, guided us through the closing process, your availability to show homes multiple times, took the time to explain get an '11' on a scale of 1-10. It was very special to us how you took time to pray for our loan. We will definitely use you again and I will spread your name around like wildfire!"

Mr. Alan Horton and Ms. Jodie Ferguson

Arvada, CO

"We give him the highest score possible on making the process  as easy as possible . Everything was made simple and easy to understand. We would recommend Bart to all our friends and family. This has been a great experience for us as first time home buyers. We loved that he was always so available to call with any questions and concerns and he kept us so well informed of everything going on and dealing with our specific needs."

Mr. and Mrs. Adam and Krista Bresson

Commerce City, CO

"Bart was always available and he did his best to sell our home, then helped us rent. He negotiated hard for us on purchasing our home in Golden. He has been just great one with whom to do business.  We would recommend him to anyone and everyone that needs a Realtor.  I admire his continued services.

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron and Penny Beckloff

Thornton, COand Golden, CO

"Your patience, your ability to listen to my needs, letting me know how to purchase a short sale property was really helpful. You made the process as easy as possible. I will refer you to my family and friends. Mortgage Banker Matt Harris and the Home Buyer Scouting Report also helped in finding the loan and narrowing my search."

Ms. Sonia Del Real

Westminster, CO

"Everything was perfect! I really appreciated the way Bart kept me advised of all the deadline dates involved. His professionalism was beyond any expectation. He was courteous to both Seller and me the Buyer."

Ms. Patricia Watson

Longmont, CO

"Bart we would refer you to all our family and friends. There's not one thing you could have done better in helping us. We appreciate the long hours you put in getting our house sold and helping us find our new house.Thanks for the team of professionals you suggested we use. We used home inspector Randy Freiburg on two different occasions. His expertise helped us walk away from a house that had some real issues. Thanks for introducing us to Mortgage Banker Matt Harris. His "keys to the MLS" Home Buyers Scouting Report made it easy to sort through the many properties and find just the ones that made sense."

Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Mary Ann Everhart

Aurora, CO

 "We give you a "ten" on a scale of 1-10, ten being the highest for making the purchase process as easy as possible. We would definitely refer you to our friends and family. Your website was very helpful. Your constant communication via phone and emails always kept us up to date on buying our bank owned transaction."

Mr. and Mrs. William and Julie Miller

Parker, CO

"Bart really handled the details well and went to bat for us! This includes all the inspection, appraisal and contract ins and outs for buying our new home. He was up to date with all necessary amendments. Great job!"

Mr. and Mrs. Glen and Rey Sirakavit

Aurora, CO

“Bart answered all questions with thorough explanation. I was a first time home buyer and bought a short sale property,"

Mr. Jason Hobbs

Northglenn, CO

"Bart sat with us and explained everything. All was done exactly the way it should've been done. Having a detailed agent who thought of items we did not was very helpful. We are very proud of our new home."

Mr. and Mrs. John and Judy Dorris

Commerce City, CO

"Que bueno que  Bart habla espanol! El asunto de financiamiento fue facil porque nos introdujo a Matt Harris de Pinnacle Mortgage. Estamos muy orgullosos de nuestro nuevo hogar."

Sr. y Sra. Jose y Constanza Arellano

Aurora, CO

"What can I say...he's my husband. Truth is he got us a great deal in our subdivision of Quail Valley. I think I'll let him stay around."

Mrs. Rebecca Moyers

Thornton, CO

 Other Comments:

"We have had 4 listings with Bart and he has always been very good in his dealings with us as "trying" sellers, with other agents, and with buyers. He has always been responsive, responsible and professional."  

Mr and Mrs. Ron and Rebecca Broadhead

Boulder, CO

"I worked with Bart for many months on a house deal that did not go through. Bart was with me every step of the way but a deal could not be reached on my part. Bart is honest and empathetic not pretentious in his business dealings. I found this to be refreshing in this present real estate market, he is someone I trust, and I am confident if you have the pleasure to work with him you will say thesame.  """''''

Mr. Tony Airozo

Parker, CO 











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